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Cabinet couple: Yvette Cooper and her husband Ed Balls, who have paid back some of their expenses claims after a drop in interest rates reduced their mortgage bill.

They claimed a total of £23,679 in 2008/09 Health Minister Mrs Keen, MP for Isleworth and Middlesex, and Feltham and Heston MP Mr Keen also claimed mortgage interest, ground rent, council tax and telephone costs under ACA - despite their constituencies being less than an hour from Westminster.

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This seemed to me - and seems to me - reasonable.' Having already claimed up to £1,794 a month on mortgage interest, £225 for jet washing the side of his house and £3.20 for a brass lamp holder, Mr Osborne's request that the taxpayer foot his £654.91 home insurance bill pushed him over the limit.

Mr Davies, a former Tory MP who defected to Labour, was far from alone in undermining his new party's class war.

Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward - another defector and the richest man in the Commons - used a firm of accountants who specialise in 'amassing wealth' to submit claims including £21,417 for maintaining one of his homes.

Mr Osborne successfully claimed £112.70 for repairing his Aga in the following financial year.

Fellow Shadow Cabinet member Jeremy Hunt was forced to repay £9,558.50 after allowing his agent and close friend Margaret Chellingworth to stay rentfree in his taxpayer-subsidised home.

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