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You owe it to yourself to try Zetia if you can't take statins.

After having a major stroke, you really wouldn't want one which can paraylze you, stop you from being able to speak, other destructions and death.

When we believe something that is out of alignment with reality, we suffer…

I've found that heel lifts help the muscles-actually helps control the pain throught the body- Also, doing hamstring exercises help with pain-the creepy crawly skin.Sometimes I'm up to walking them around the block.They're so happy, but they stand at a corner and look towards a paved trail that's over a mile away- we used to walk there 3 times a week.I wasn't anemic, so they kept having MRIs to look for brain cancer or mini-strokes, as the symptoms got worse.What bothers me is that I take an anti-cramp/spasm medication for my spastic stomach.

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    The corps commanders, who praised her quick action, named the Sacagawea River in her honor on May 20.

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