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Santucci, had been circulated, hailing the restraining order a "victory" that "should send a clear message to all parasitic smut peddlers who live off the good names of others." An article in The New York Times this week called him a cad, she a beauty queen.In reality, things are far more complex, raising all sorts of questions pertaining to misogyny, property, privacy, First Amendment, battery, defamation and libel. Her web site the type of saccharine fluff that would make most people nauseous, although, in Ms.

When Katy Johnson, a former Miss Vermont and Miss Vermont USA in 19 respectively, experienced this horror following an extended encounter with a notorious writer with a pretty decent memory and a remarkable ability to recollect every nuance, if not tongue stroke, she did what any red-blooded American would do. The order contained -- among other constitutionally precarious items -- a prior restraint so broad and ill-considered it is almost certain to be reversed.Part one covers the "expenses" involved in sex, female promiscuity, conflicts between males, and alternative strategies for those who are poor and small. In the scorpion Paruroctonus mesaensis, the male whacks his partner several times before racing off; in the wolf spider Lycosa rabida, the male tosses his lover in the air, leaving her in a crumpled heap as he hurries away. In the bristle worm Nereis caudata, something similar goes on but for once it's the man who eats his wife. A male redback who gets himself munched fertilizes more eggs than a male who survives. So your challenge is to make yourself more appetizing." "The secret is picking your moment.Part two covers sex and cannibalism, sex and violence (male and female), love potions and homosexuality, and monogamy. Female redbacks aren't greedy; when they're not hungry, they don't eat.Pretty much every aspect of animal sex is at least touched on, though the "all creation" of the title is an exaggeration -- there's only the occasional reference to plants and bacteria, with nothing (for example) on the fascinating topic of pollination. But note: this is not to say males don't eat females. That is, being eaten must mean you leave more offspring than if you are spared.The columns are grouped thematically in thirteen chapters, divided into three parts. So far, your species is the only one known to meet this criterion. it turns out that sex takes longer when she's chewing away on you, which gives you the chance to deliver more sperm and thus fertilize more eggs.

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