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The Post managed to recruit a number of other women who made somewhat similar claims though without the underage aspect, and Gloria Allred, the inevitable champion of all female plaintiffs against male misbehavior, subsequently brought forward another accuser.

This isnt proof; it was 38 years ago; and there have been no credible complaints about Moore since.

Lee became a confrontation between Nazis and Klansmen on one hand, against, on the other, Antifa and the militants of Black Lives Matter (who had killed eight policemen and wounded twelve in Dallas and Baton Rouge in July 2016).

The temporary block on travel to the United States from six countries led to hasty judge-shopping on the flaky West Coast bench to find a few federal judges who would purport to deny the president his statutory right and duty to control the borders.

The argument was that it was a religious ban and that even Yemenis and Iranians somehow had the right not to be discriminated against at their point of origin if they chose to come to the U. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer purported to be weeping, in unison with the Statue of Liberty.

Minnesota liberal Democrat Al Franken has been accused of harassment of a radio personality and former model (an imposed kiss and a photograph of him appearing to touch her breasts while she was asleep on an airplane), in 2006. Franken, for diametrically different reasons, but I dont think on evidence adduced to date that either has disqualified himself from serving in the Senate (although I have always believed that Mr.

Franken stole his original election from Norm Coleman).

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