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[…]According to the plea agreement, the suspect admitted that on October 5, 2012, both he and at least one other co-conspirator used baseball bats to rob about 0,889 from a Garda Cash Logistics armored truck at the Las Vegas Outlet Mall in downtown Las Vegas.A lawyer says a 31-year-old Las Vegas man jailed on felony driving under the influence charges had an epileptic seizure before his SUV struck and killed three pedestrians and crashed into several vehicles last week.

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7 after his appeals on a mental retardation claim were exhausted.

Wilson was found guilty of shooting Jerry Robert Williams, 21, to death and leaving his body at a bus stop near Verone and Buford streets in Beaumont, where it was found by a bus driver on Nov. A codefendant, Andrew Lewis, was sentenced to life on a murder charge in the same case.

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