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Few of the leather-bound documents, which are packed into more than 50 miles of shelves and in climate-controlled chambers, have ever left the walls of the city state.

" scrawled across the top like a wedding invitation. Apparently, men are really concerned we will forget they have penises.

Not because they are gay, but because Sarah Paulson is dating the crypt keeper.” Depictions of significant lesbian age differences were mostly the stuff of subculture before this year, when a number of films pushed the phenomenon into the mainstream spotlight.

Three films released in 2015 that centered on lesbian characters — Paul Weitz’s Grandma, Peter Sollett’s Freeheld, and most recently, Todd Haynes’ Carol — all involved intergenerational romantic relationships.

That kind of visibility is important and informative.

And it will make me and my friends so much happier—not to mention give our weary thumbs a break.

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