Bradley cooper dating olivia wilde

See more » This film is about a young struggling writer who makes it big with a manuscript that he did not write."The Words" tells the tale of a struggling writer who has to face moral choices after stealing a manuscript.

Bradley Cooper carries the role well, and he portrays the internal struggle very well.

No reason has been given for the split, but the pair actually made Star Magazine's cover this week, just a few days before the break-up went public.

Clayton Hammond (Dennis Quaid) attends a public reading of his new book, The Words. Simmons), gets a job as a mail supervisor at a literary agency and attempts to sell his first novel, which is repeatedly rejected by publishers.

We were like, 'Yes, finally the ladies are in charge! He may appear practically naked in more movies than most of Hollywood's leading men these days, but not in , a documentary short about building a movie theater in Haiti she coproduced with Maria Bello, Wilde headed to the Relativity party, where she hung out with fellow honorees Andrew Garfield and Garrett Hedlund and Relativity boss man Ryan Cavanaugh."It's really cool because it's gotten to the point now where I'm not the newcomer award," Wilde said.

Probably not, but Life & Style "exclusively" reports that he cozied up to Scarlett Johansson at NYC hot spot Provocateur recently.

The duo were hand in hand and "more than flirty" by the end of the night, according to sources! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez totally went on a date last week, an insider claims.

Unable to cope with the loss, Celia left him and moved to her parents' house.

He then used his pain as inspiration to write the manuscript, which he took to Celia while visiting her at her parents’ home.

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