Validating the wsdl against the ws i basic profile

Ensure that the show mode for the request is one of: MODE_SHOW, MODE_SHOW_ABOUT, MODE_SHOW_EDIT, MODE_SHOW_HELP, MODE_SHOW_EDIT_DEFAULTS, MODE_SHOW_DETAILS, MODE_PREVIEW, or MODE_LINK.Note that these constants are defined in the WWPRO_API_PROVIDER public API.One way to verify this is to enter the registration URL in a browser.If the URL is correct and the producer is up and running, you will see the producer's WSDL document.

One way to verify this for a Web provider is to enter the URL in a browser.An attempt was made to construct the URL required to access the Oracle Single Sign-On Server but the enabler configuration was not found.This can occur if the host or port information stored in the enabler configuration is removed after the user logged in.If the width is an absolute width, specify only the numeric value (for example, 35).Log in as a user with either Manage Content privileges on the page containing the item or portlet, or Manage privileges on the item itself.

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