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Includes 6G-SDI, built in color corrector, talkback, tally, PTZ control, MFT lens mount and B4 lens control output. Fusion is the world’s most advanced 2D and 3D compositing, VR and motion graphics software!Fusion 9 features a massive toolset with paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, keying, 3D particles, support for importing and rendering 3D models and more!A rapid elevator takes you to the observation deck that offers an absolutely amazing view of the city.

It also includes the Penghu, Quemoy and Matsu islands, where the Beigan Township and Dongyin island are located.

This camera is located at the Chaotian Temple in Beigang in Yunlin County. Tataka Saddle webcam, Taiwan Distant view of Yushan from the Tataka (Tatajia) Management Station, Yushan National Park.

The picture shows the Chaotian Temple in Beigang, which is Taiwan's oldest and most revered temple. Yushan webcam, Taiwan Webcam of Yushan (Jade Mountain), Taiwan's tallest, view from the Yushan Weather Station. This camera is located at the Tataka (Tatajia) Management Station of the Yushan National Park Administration.

This camera is located on the Miaoli County Government Buildings.

The picture shows the bustling, culturally refined Citizens' Plaza of Miaoli City. Guanyin Pavilion webcam, Taiwan Views of Penghu Bay, buildings and bridge, Makung (Magong) City.

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