Contribute 3 0 stuck on updating connections

Upon inspection of the sparseimage from which the vdi was created it looks like /System/Library/Core Services/is not there. Thanks, Lars Can you tell me how to use jonanh's solution exactly?

Do I need to write those commands directly after downloading Mac OS Sierra from the app store?

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@tcurdt I downloaded the Sierra installer on my El Capitan VM and have gone through the install/restart process a few times but it doesn't seem to be working - by any chance have you taken that route in trying to install Sierra?All VM options were used as provided by script, only after successfull update I decided to switch off audio and change network settings according to my needs.Just for assurance, the boot log contains the same message with g IOScreen Lock State mentioned but boot process doesn't stuck after it ( - I have no idea if/why it stucks when installation is started from ISO image). @jonanh hello, I am having this same issue on a Windows 10 host. I have a file created from the instructions on the How To Geek page.Once again for guys having the problems: make sure that installation is performed NOT on VM from the .iso-image but on the host to .dmg-file and then VM is created to use the disk with already installed OS X. Do I need to take a few steps back a run the scripts on my Mac with the file?I am new to this kind of thing and could not figure out what to do from this thread.

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