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Lori now serves on the Board of Directors and is actively involved with Buck promotional events throughout the U. CJ, the 4th generation family member to run Buck Knives and current CEO, President and Chairman, started out with the company on the production line in 1978.

He has been quoted saying, “We have been helping people thrive with reliable and trustworthy edged products for over a century.

For example, a knife with the outline of Idaho next to the model number would have been manufactured in 2005.

Check the knife handle for clues to the age of knives not bearing a symbol next to the model number.

If a model number is inscribed, the knife would have been made after 1973 but before 1986.

Consultation with a knife expert can yield clues based on rivet placement and other minute details to pinpoint the exact year of manufacture.

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After learning the art of knife-making as a blacksmith's apprentice, Hoyt Buck made knives to donate to the military during World War II. Obtain a Buck Knife dating system chart available at the Knife Collector website.

Hoyt made each knife by hand, using worn-out file blades as raw material.

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Buck stands behind every knife made with their famous Forever Warranty.

A young Kansas blacksmith apprentice named Hoyt Buck was looking for a better way to temper steel so it would hold an edge longer.

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